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Railcar Vibrators & Hopper Car Vibrators

Houston Vibrator offers the products you need to keep your unloading process fast, safe, and clean. Call us at 800-320-4044 for assistance in choosing the solutions that best suit your process, your facility, and your budget.

Cement Terminal Managers:
Download our Cement Terminal Solutions Bulletin


HCV (Hopper Car Vibrator) Series Railcar Vibrators

HCV Series Pneumatic Piston Vibrators pack a powerful punch to dislodge stubborn materials from hopper bottom railcars. Available in Impacting, Air Cushion, and Long Stroke models to suit a wide variety of materials such as sugar, cement, and grains.

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QMC3-RR One Piece Railcar Vibrator

QMC Series Pneumatic Piston Vibrators pack all the power of our HCV-312 in a much lighter package. The one-piece casting reduces total weight by more than 20 pounds, making lifting, carrying, and placement safer and easier for operators.

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CLR/RR Rotary Pneumatic Railcar Vibrators

CLR/RR Series Pneumatic Rotary Vibrators are ideal for unloading materials such as talc, lime, and other very dense, fine powders. The high frequency and force of these models will make fast work of your toughest loads.

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VTC Series Vacuum Mounted Vibrators

Houston Vibrator offers a full range of vacuum-mounted vibrators, several sizes suitable for railcar unloading. Use the VTC option when you do not consistently receive cars with standard dovetail brackets installed, or when you are not allowed to affix equipment to cars by way of welding, clamping, or bolting.

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Hopper Car Unloading Lifts

Houston Vibrator Hopper Car Unloading Lifts make railcar unloading faster, cleaner, and safer, and can cost THOUSANDS less than other brands. Reduce spillage and dust, and eliminate time-consuming and back-breaking cleanup! Standard models fit most standard railcar discharge sizes, and custom and food-grade models are available.

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Control Assembly for Railcar Vibrators 

Houston Vibrator Hose Control Assemblies put the on/off control and in-line lubricator right at your fingertips. Available for HCV, QMC, and CLR/RR models.

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Railcar Vibrator Carts

HCV Carts can save your back! Simply place your railcar vibrator in the carrier, and move the railcar vibrator to wherever it's needed. Place the vibrator in the dovetail bracket, and remove the cart. No need to swing a heavy vibrator around! Available for HCV, QMC, and CLR/RR models, and others.

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Gate Openers - COMING SOON!!!

Houston Vibrator adds gate openers to our selection of top-notch products for railcar unloading. Manual and automatic models available. Contact us to request information.



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