QSI (Quiet Single Impact) Series Pneumatic Piston Vibrators

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Reduce Noise Levels AND Energy Usage with QSI Series piston vibrators

Houston Vibrator has expanded the patented QI (Quiet Impact) Series reduced noise piston vibrator, to include a Single Impulse version for timed impact applications. QSI Series piston vibrators deliver a single impulse on a timed cycle to promote material flow and prevent material buildup on hopper walls. QSI models can be operated using a pneumatic or electronic timer or PLC and a solenoid valve to deliver a single impact on a predetermined schedule, or they can be activated manually as needed using a self-closing valve.

QSI Series vibrators are suitable in a wide variety of applications. For those customers currently using a standard Single Impulse or timed impactor, the QSI Series models will provide a reduction in noise with only a minor decrease in force. For those customers currently using standard impacting or Quiet Impact models, a QSI can drastically reduce air consumption and therefore energy costs while maintaining effective material flow.

Three models are available: 1-1/2″ piston diameter, 2-1/4″ piston diameter, and 2-1/4″ long stroke (not pictured).

The Houston Vibrator sales team can help you choose the right QSI model for retrofitting your current installation, or for new applications. Call us today at 800-320-4044 or E-mail us right now for assistance.

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QSI Series Piston Vibrators are proudly manufactured in Houston, Texas.


MODEL WT Lbs/kbs
in in in in in in in NPT KG
BV-150 QSI 5.50 6.30 2.50 0.75 4.5 1.25 0.5 1/4" 9
BV-225 QSI 7.25 9.00 3.50 1.00 7.50 1.75 .63 1/4" 17
BV-225 Long QSI 10.50 9.00 3.50 1.00 7.50 1.75 .63 1/4" 25

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