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Our TEFKOTE option allows you to operate any of our BV, QI, SI or QSI Series piston vibrators without using airline lubricant, which has several benefits:

  • Reduce expense by eliminating airline lubricators and lubricant
  • Minimize maintenance cost – no more topping off the lubricator
  • Reduce the possibility of product contamination by lubricant in exhaust air
  • Extend the vibrator’s service life

Houston Vibrator’s TEFKOTE is a fluoropolymer coating – a blend of high performance resin and fluoropolymer lubricant. This single coat thin film provides excellent corrosion and chemical resistance – all of which help extend the service life of your new piston vibrator.

TEFKOTE is applied to the inside of our piston vibrator bodies before assembly. The additional cost of this option is typically less than the cost of an airline lubricator, making it a great value.

TEFKOTE is also available as an external coating for any of our BV, QI, or SI Series piston vibrators, for installations in highly corrosive environments.

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