Batch Plant Spares Request

Why wait for a worn out vibrator to cause downtime?

The worst time to search for what you need is right when you need it. Houston Vibrator can help you avoid that frantic search for a replacement vibrator…so why wait? Let our staff put together a comprehensive list of vibrators and related components, with pricing, and send it to you right away.

Houston Vibrator supplies all those vibrators that you use – electric and pneumatic vibrators for sand, aggregate, and cement bins, even that one way up on your weigh hopper. And we’ve been doing it since 1980. Just tell us what you have installed right now, and your handy list of replacements will be just an e-mail or fax away. Use your list to get some spares on hand, or keep it as a quick reference when you need replacements FAST.

Not sure what you have or who made it?

No problem! Let us do the hard part – that’s what we’re here for. Just give us the information you can, using the form below. We’ll figure out the rest.