Compaction Tables / Vibrating Tables

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HVI Vibrating Tables are designed and fabricated to suit the specific needs of your application. Your table can be powered by pneumatic or electric vibrators, and a variety of control configurations are available. Each table features quality components, materials, and construction to provide a reliable piece of equipment that will improve your process for years to come.

Custom-Built Vibrating Tables tailored to YOUR application in just a matter of weeks, at a reasonable price.

Whether you need a vibrating table for packaging, material compaction, precast concrete, or equipment testing applications, a vibrating table from Houston Vibrator will be custom-built to maximize your efficiency and increase your productivity.

Houston Vibrator wants to be a valued partner in the success of your company. We have custom-built vibrating tables since 1987 for all kinds of applications, and today, we remain committed to building your company a reliable piece of equipment that will perform its task for years to come.

A Houston Vibrator Sales Representative will carefully review with you the requirements of your application, your facility, and your process. The information we gather from you allows us to tailor your vibrating table to those requirements. The design of your table is reviewed with you before construction begins to ensure that the design meets your needs. In most instances, the design process takes just a few days, and your table can be fabricated and on it's way to you within two weeks.

Common Applications for Houston Vibrator vibrating tables include:

Concrete Countertops
Architectural and Ornamental Precast
Brick and Stone Veneer
Bulk Bag filling
Packaging in bags, boxes, and cartons
Settling products in drums
Testing PC Boards and Electronics

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