Hopper Car Unloading Lifts

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Product Description

Clean, Safe unloading at an affordable price!

Houston Vibrator’s Hopper Car Unloading Lifts are a safe, clean, and affordable method of containing material during transfer from hopper bottom railcar to pit conveying system. The lift is installed between the rail above your pit opening, and raised using pneumatic cylinders once your railcar is in place. Our Lifts feature all-pneumatic operation, and a simple, rugged design that promises virtually maintenance-free operation.

With eight standard models, and custom options available, we can build your Hopper Car Unloaidng Lift to fit multiple railcar discharge sizes, and fit in pits with tight clearances. Food grade options and high abrasion options are available as well as extreme cold weather options. Flow socks are custom made for each location and application, and shallow funnels are available for locations where a lower profile lift is required because of higher pit openings.

Eliminate costly spillage, messy dust clouds, and unsafe situations with personnel crawling under railcars. Call Houston Vibrator today for assistance in configuring the lift that works for your unloading application, at a price that won’t eat up too much of your terminal’s budget.

Hopper Car Unloading Lifts are proudly manufactured in Houston, Texas.

Model,Car Type,A,B,C,D
485,Standard Twin,15.75,13.25,29,57
485-S,Shallow Twin,15.75,13.25,29,57

Model,Car Type,A,B,C,D
500-1324,Center Discharge 13X24,15.75,13.25,29,57
500-1342,Center Discharge 13X42,15.75,13.25,29,57
500-1348,Center Discharge 13X48,15.75,13.25,29,57
501-2430,Center Discharge 24X30,21.25,17.5,38.75,57
501-2442,Center Discharge 24X42,21.25,17.5,38.75,57
501-2448,Center Discharge 24X48,21.25,17.5,38.75,57