Houston Vibrator is more than just vibrators—we are the source for solutions to your flow problems. An experienced Houston Vibrator technical salesperson will review your application in detail, and recommend the solution that works best to solve your problem, and fit the needs of your equipment and your facility.

With a full line of high-quality industrial vibrators — Pneumatic Piston Vibrators, Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators, High Frequency Roller Vibrators, and Rotary Electric Vibrators – and the mounting and control components required to safely and efficiently operate them, we can offer solutions tailored to your specific needs, even special requirements such as low noise, food-safe, or high temperature. And we don’t stop there. Have questions? Need troubleshooting advice? We’re here to help you make adjustments and implement solutions that keep your facility operating at top efficiency.

Do you know the #1 most costly goof in vibrator sizing? It could cost you thousands. Are your vibrators up to snuff? Learn Four Quick Money-Saving Maintenance Tips.