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VTC Series Portable Vacuum Mounts

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Product Description

VTC Series Portable Vacuum Mounts are ideal in situations where vibrators are needed, but cannot be permanently mounted to vessels, containers, railcars, or trailers. Each VTC Series model fits a multitude of different vibrators, and can be drilled to fit additional models upon requeset.

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Mounting & Technical Data
MODEL,# Cups,Min Mounting Area,Min container dia.,Air Consump.,Weight
,,sq. in,sq. cm,in,mm,CFM,litr,kg,lb
VTC 10S,1, 2.2,14.2, 4.3,110, 2.79, 79,1.5,3.3
VTC 12S,1,6.9,44.5,13.8,350,2.79,79,3,6.62
VTC 15S,1,15,96.8,29.9,760,2.79,79,2.5,5.51
VTC 15D ,2,15,96.8,29.9,760,5.58,158,4.5,9.92
VTC 20S,1 ,17,109.7,33.9,860,2.79,79,4,8.82
VTC 20D,2,17,109.7,33.9,860,5.58,158,8.5,18.74
VTC 20T,3 ,19.7,127.1,181.1,4600,8.37,237,18,39.69
VTC 20L,3 , 17,109.7,33.9,860,8.37,237,20,44.1